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Wingmen: World War Korean for Android is Released!

Wingmen: World War has just been released in Korean Android Market! Check it out here.

Attached below is the store banner, and we don’t understand a word. Though, we’re sure that it says something along the line of “The most awesome game in the world. Ever.” 😀

If you’re wondering if Wingmen will ever be released in US Android Market, we definitely would love to do that! But, we don’t have an exact date yet. When we do have it, we’ll let you know via blog, facebook, and twitter. Or, you can always signup for our newsletter.

Wingmen: World War Korean


Wingmen: World War Released! 66% off for 3 days!

Wingmen: World War is now available on AppStore. To celebrate the release, we’re giving 66% discount for 3 days! Buy it now for $0.99!

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Wingmen: World War Trailer

We’ve just released a trailer of Wingmen iOS a couple of days ago and the official title would be “Wingmen: World War” (W3).

In the trailer you can see how Wingmen have evolved. We’ve added lots of new features!

You can pick units and command them to move to a certain position or attack an enemy. Also, each plane comes with a special ability, which you can unlock. Two of them (teleport and carpet-bombing), can be seen in action in the trailer. Besides plane upgrades, your base and special attacks can also be upgraded.

With new features, the battle is getting more intense! Keep in touch for the release date!

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Wingmen iOS leaked screenie!

Hi, General! This just in! Top secret pictures and info leaked by a Wingmen Corp. insider.

Wingmen iOS isn’t just a port of its flash counterpart. It has lots of new features introduced: direct command of your ships, special ability for each plane, new units, upgrades, and many more. Alien extermination have never been this fun!

It will be as chaotic as before. Quick thinking and fast action are essential in winning the battle against aliens.

Deimos in action!

Pictured above is Deimos. The big boy is capable of taking down lots of enemies with carpet-bombing. Despite being powered by four steam engines and tandem air balloons to lift it, Deimos travels very slow due to thick metal armor and heavy loads of bombs.

There’s a rumor circulating about another new ship in production, unfortunately no leaked documents is available until now.

Hangar – upgrade your planes here

Another new feature in Wingmen iOS is upgrades. Each plane can be upgraded here in Hangar. Spend XP on upgrades or buy new planes to improve your firepower. You’ll earn XP based on your performances in missions.

Where should we attack?

Wingmen iOS requires iPod/iPhone 2nd generation or later, running iOS 3.1 or newer. It’s in final phase of development. Expect it to be released soon!

You can play the original Wingmen here if you haven’t!


Wingmen Coming to iPhone

Wingmen Corp. is proud to announce that it will soon spread it’s wing to the iPod/iPhone. The engineers behind the biggest mercenary company on earth is hard at work to build the best product with minimum wages and no holiday bonus.

The upcoming iPhone version will be more than just a port of the browser version. The business of exterminating aliens will be more exciting as you can now issue commands directly to your pilots (and take whatever freewill they thought they had). In addition, plane’s special abilities and upgrades will provide more challenges and tactical options in your conquest.

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The aliens have invaded earth and you as a general of the mercenary pilots must fight them off. Command a fleet of fighter planes and utilize the special attacks to repel the alien invaders.


Place the mouse cursor at the edge of the screen to scroll, or press Left/Right keys.

*Important* : Mouse over to collect money.


Version 1.0.2

– Achievements

Version 1.0.1

– Fixed crash in survival mode at wave 46.
– Fixed wrong spelling for Ethiopia.
– Mentioned how to collect money in the tutorial.
– Fixed a bug where you can click the unit and skill buttons while they’re still cooling down, after opening the pause menu.
– Turned off the focus rectangle.

Need help?

There are lots of interesting tips here (check the comments sections) :


Wingmen : From Magical Summoning to Money Hungry General

Initiated by Heru, Wingmen(or Spacewar at that time) development start in early 2010. Spacewar created with his love to Altitude, while adding some strategy elements. One day, Heru showed me the prototype and I have to agree that it’s a promising fun game.

The game itself has passing through many change and simplification in gameplay. We built Wingmen with simple gameplay in mind.

In the early build, we can command plane’s movement just like strategy game. However, it has it’s own flaw, as player can easily stockpile unit, and then directly attack enemy base while ignoring enemy units. We agree to remove unit control, leaving player to just watch the planes dogfight. It was fun, until we realize that player’s involvement were minimal. A solution that finally implemented are the floating coins for player to collect. A bit casual approach, but sure it will make player busy.

The art of wingmen is evolving too. In the beginning of Spacewar’s development, I’m not in the development ship yet, and Rudy Sumarso; Heru’s friend, is the one who handles art. (You can check Rudy’s work at his deviant art page. He is a nice guy with outstanding art pieces.)

Spacewar’s early build is called Magic Machine. In Magic Machine, player plays as summoner who revives dead plane into a mechanical living being. The game is bright with cute plane.

Magic Machine evolves again, as we agree to take the steampunk vs alien theme in semi realistic style. It’s a challenge to me, as I never draw realistic figure before. Some early plane design were very cartoony. Then, after some practice eventually I made it, and Wingmen is born. It’s a dark, old, and steampunk-vintage theme.

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The aliens have invaded earth and you as a general of the mercenary pilots must fight them off. Command a fleet of fighter planes and utilize the special attacks to repel the alien invaders.


Wingmen Teaser

Wingmen Corporation is a multinational mercenary group specializing in aerial warfare. They have massive armies and arsenal around the globe. Recently, they’re hired by the governments to repel the alien invaders. In the face of the extinction of human race, Wingmen find a way to prosper and enjoy the highest growth ever recorded in mercenary business.

Command various fighter planes, use the special abilities to turn a losing battle into your favor, and ultimately wipe out the alien invaders.

To be released soon…. meanwhile, please enjoy the trailer 😉

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