Wingmen iOS leaked screenie!

Hi, General! This just in! Top secret pictures and info leaked by a Wingmen Corp. insider.

Wingmen iOS isn’t just a port of its flash counterpart. It has lots of new features introduced: direct command of your ships, special ability for each plane, new units, upgrades, and many more. Alien extermination have never been this fun!

It will be as chaotic as before. Quick thinking and fast action are essential in winning the battle against aliens.

Deimos in action!

Pictured above is Deimos. The big boy is capable of taking down lots of enemies with carpet-bombing. Despite being powered by four steam engines and tandem air balloons to lift it, Deimos travels very slow due to thick metal armor and heavy loads of bombs.

There’s a rumor circulating about another new ship in production, unfortunately no leaked documents is available until now.

Hangar – upgrade your planes here

Another new feature in Wingmen iOS is upgrades. Each plane can be upgraded here in Hangar. Spend XP on upgrades or buy new planes to improve your firepower. You’ll earn XP based on your performances in missions.

Where should we attack?

Wingmen iOS requires iPod/iPhone 2nd generation or later, running iOS 3.1 or newer. It’s in final phase of development. Expect it to be released soon!

You can play the original Wingmen here if you haven’t!