Wingmen : From Magical Summoning to Money Hungry General

Initiated by Heru, Wingmen(or Spacewar at that time) development start in early 2010. Spacewar created with his love to Altitude, while adding some strategy elements. One day, Heru showed me the prototype and I have to agree that it’s a promising fun game.

The game itself has passing through many change and simplification in gameplay. We built Wingmen with simple gameplay in mind.

In the early build, we can command plane’s movement just like strategy game. However, it has it’s own flaw, as player can easily stockpile unit, and then directly attack enemy base while ignoring enemy units. We agree to remove unit control, leaving player to just watch the planes dogfight. It was fun, until we realize that player’s involvement were minimal. A solution that finally implemented are the floating coins for player to collect. A bit casual approach, but sure it will make player busy.

The art of wingmen is evolving too. In the beginning of Spacewar’s development, I’m not in the development ship yet, and Rudy Sumarso; Heru’s friend, is the one who handles art. (You can check Rudy’s work at his deviant art page. He is a nice guy with outstanding art pieces.)

Spacewar’s early build is called Magic Machine. In Magic Machine, player plays as summoner who revives dead plane into a mechanical living being. The game is bright with cute plane.

Magic Machine evolves again, as we agree to take the steampunk vs alien theme in semi realistic style. It’s a challenge to me, as I never draw realistic figure before. Some early plane design were very cartoony. Then, after some practice eventually I made it, and Wingmen is born. It’s a dark, old, and steampunk-vintage theme.

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