Ludum Dare Entry: No Escape

“No Escape” is my ludum dare entry and it’s my first one. I should’ve posted it here but, I keep delaying it due to my busyness and perhaps laziness xD

In the game you play as an angry giant and you’re objective is to stomp as many people as possible while avoiding the little houses. If you step on the houses, you will trip to your death. And if you miss 3 people, you will also lose the game. There’s not much else to the game that will keep people playing but, the comments generally said that the idea is quite fun. I’m quite happy with that.

You can try it on Kongregate:

Or, check out the ludum dare page at:

Here is a bit story about how I first came up with the idea:

Ludum Dare started on Saturday but, I started doing the game on Sunday morning. I can’t really remember how the idea first came up to me. I woke up that morning and somehow the idea of doing a tap dancing game was just there in my head. The idea is to make a guy tap dancing his way trying to escape a crazy horse that’s chasing him. I know, it’s totally absurd and ridiculous lol

Considering that I only have less than 24 hours to finish the game, I have to drop the tap dancing idea. I have never made a music game before and I fear that trying to adjust the foot movement with a beat/rhythm will be technically too difficult. So, the basic concept is still there in the final game, minus the rhythm element.

I really like the concept and the resulting prototype. I think the concept is quite fun and expandable. Perhaps I can put in the rhythm element later and make it the intended tap dancing game.

I am a fan of the Experimental Gameplay project and Petri Purho’s weekly game prototypes and I’ve been wanting to do something similar. So, this game will mark my beginning. I hope to do more-maybe not so regularly-but it will surely be fun!

Game was made with:

* Flash, AS3

* as3sfxr:

* Box2d: