Game Preview : Pirateers!

Hi guys, it’s been awhile since our last blog post πŸ™‚

We have a new game ready to be released to the wild.Β Meet Pirateers!, the game which had make us busy for several months.

Pirateers! is a pirate themed action games. It has non-stop sea combat, ship sinking, chase actions, treasure hunting, merchant robbing, and more. But, it’s not your ordinary action game.

The story began with a legend about an ancient artifact called the Neptune’s Eye. The artifact which was believed had the ability to open the gates to infinite wealth. And just like dozens of other pirates, Neptune’s Eye was the reason why player become a pirate.Β The black sea was fierce, and competition is tight. Not only navy generals which player must defeat, but they also stand against other pirates which chases the same goal.

Freedom of choice is what makes Pirateers! stands out. Player are not bound to the main quest and they’re free to roam the world, do some quests, treasure hunting, or chasing around unfortunate ship. Each to their own adventure!

Quests are pretty straightforward. It’s displayed on top of the screen, and player can choose one from three available quest at times. Once selected, a directional arrow will point to the quest objectives. When it’s complete, player gets his reward.
Besides quest, player can also do treasure hunting. First, they will get a map to the treasure island, and if they decide to go the island, they can dig and hunt for treasure.

Additionally, day system will add time management to the gameplay. Although player have the ability to free roam the world, there’s time limit in the day, so they need to time manage their action to maximize what they can achieve. This won’t be too restrictive either, as this will only affect player’s final score.

With the world that’s ever changing, 3 types of ship that player can pick, and robust upgrade system, there will be no similar adventure in Pirateers!.

Those are some key features we’re covered, but there will be more to Pirateers! so be sure to check it out when it’s released!